Haag Residential Property Management division was created to provide responsive and efficient property management services to Homeowner Associations (HOA) in the South Florida area. In over 20 years, our Property Management division has never lost a residential HOA to another management company. Our clients range from large gated single-family communities to modern townhome complexes. Haag provides a full range of services for our clients and will customize programs to meets the unique needs of each association. Haag's range of services includes:

Collect maintenance assessments and other income from property owners, pay vendors, utilities and other expenses in a timely fashion, produce monthly financial statements, track owners delinquency reports and assist in preparation of annual budget.

Monitor routine maintenance of HOA property, interact with the HOA vendors as a liaison on behalf of the HOA, preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP's) or solicitation of bids for HOA services and 24-hour service for emergency HOA problems.

Preparation and attendance at both board and annual meetings, liaison between the Board of Directors and homeowners and the filing of the government forms on a timely basis.